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 The following reports, flipcharts and books have been published by the Indo-German Bilateral  Project "Watershed Management" and are for sale :                 

Principles and Practices of Integrated Watershed Management  in India             New!

Short Description: Principles and Practices of Integrated Watershed Management in India brings to a wider audience vast and wide experiences which exist in India. Professionals from various organizations (government, non-governmental and academic) share their past efforts and future aspirations for sustainable watershed  management.
Benefits: The reader is brought up-to-date with current trends in watershed management in India.
Target Group: Project Staff, Decision Makers.
Materials available:
Book 10.1: Principles and practices of integrated watershed management in India, published by IGBP, book, english, color, hardcover, many photographs, 436 pages, Costs: 15.00 Euro (Rs. 500/-).

Decision Support System for Natural Resources Management using Remote Sensing and GIS tools (currently under development)    New!                                 

Short description: Thematic information extracted from satellite data and conventional data are to be fed in a GIS (ARCINFO) using pre-project conditions. Once a comprehensivve database is available in ARC/INFO format, the decision support system will allow the user to ‘play’ with different scenarios and simulate the outcomes as well as costs of such recommendations. Thus the user is equiped to make an educated decision with regards to possible soil and water conservation activities.
Benefits: Investments can be streamlined and optimized.
Target group: Senior Technical Staff.
Materials available:                                                                                                     CD and User Manual 7.1: Decision-Support System Software (available in December 2003).


A field manual for hydrologic and sediment monitoring of watersheds in India        New! 

Short Description: A step-by-step practical, field oriented manual for technicians and junior field staff for operation and maintenance of a hydrologic and sediment monitoring station. It covers selection and construction of stations, instrumentation, field measurements, data collection and data analysis. The manual is based on the experiences of the project, which operates sediment monitoring stations in 13 states in India.                                                                                   Target group: Junior and middle level staff with technical understanding. Benefits: The reader has a guide for every stage in executing hydrologic and sediment monitoring of watersheds - right from finding logic as to why such an exercise is necessary to evaluating and interpreting the collected data for deriving meaningful conclusions.                            Materials available:                                                                       Book 11.1 Hydrologic and sediment Monitoring of Watersheds in India- A Field Manual, published by IGBP, english, grey shades, many photographs, 223 pages, Costs: 4.00 Euro(Rs.200/-).

Procedures For Watershed Management Projects

Short description: Detailed protocols, procedures and guidelines on watershed management in India are included in the second part of this publication. The first part renders in a more visual way the issues at stake with regard to natural resources management in India.
Benefits: Allows the reader to manage complex projects on watershed management involving various kinds of organizations. It includes the planning process, the monitoring process and the reporting mechanisms.
Target group: Senior staff of project implementing organizations.
Materials available:
Book 1.1: Our land, Ourselves - A practical guide to watershed management in India.Published by Guy Honoré (IGBP), costs 15.00 Euro (Rs 500/-), book 200 pages, hardcover, color, english, many photographs.currently out of stock.

Impact Assessment of Watershed Management Projects

Severs erosion in RajasthanShort description: Nine impact indicators were developed and tested by the project to monitor activities with regard to natural resources management and livelihoods of people. These indicators are: soil loss, groundwater, height-for-age,consumer durables, social capital, replication, outsiders, use and maintenance, school attendance. Step-by-step description of the procedures are included as well as our experiences.
Benefits: Helps monitor watershed management programmes in a more effective and holistic way.
Target group: Staff of project implementing organizations.
Materials available:
Book 2.1: Impact Indicators: An Alternative Tool for the Evaluation of Watershed Management by M.W. Bollom (IGBP), costs: 15.00 Euro (Rs 500/-), book, 150 pages, hardcover, color, english, many photographs and sketches.

Soil and Water Conservation in Semi Arid Countries

Short description: Technical description of techniques, methods and tools to use for soil and water conservation with special reference to India.
Benefits: Enables user to learn and understand how to plan and design soil and water conservation structures.
Target group: Junior field staff with technical understand.
Experiences: Has been developed and used by the project for more than 7 years.
Materials available:
Book 3.1: Watershed Management: Guidelines for Indian Conditions by E.M. Tideman (IGBP), Costs 15.00 Euro (Rs 500/-), book, hardcover, 250 pages, english, many drawings and sketches.

Hydrological Monitoring of small watersheds

Short Description : Toolkit consisting of video, manuals, formsheets and application protocols on how to setup silt monitoring stations in remote rural areas, on how to collect data and how to evaluate them in order to assess the success of erosion control activities.
Benefits: These very detailed instructions will allow you to successfully setup a hydrological monitoring unit in your programme.
Target group: Junior staff with technical background.
Experiences: Has been developed and applied in India in very remote areas over a period of ten years.
Materials available: (costs for complete set: 15.00 Euro (Rs 500/-)).
Video 4.1:   Hydrological Monitoring in India (by IGBP) duration 90’, english.              Manual 4.2:            Hydrology for Trainers (by IGBP) photocopy, 250 pages.
Manual 4.3: Training Notes: Introduction to Hydrology (by IGBP), photocopy,                         50 pages.   
Manual 4.4: Solution to Training Notes (by IGBP), photocopy, 20 pages.
Manual 4.5: Protocols for Hydrological data collection (by IGBP), Photocopy,                         40 pages.Formsheet 4.6: Hydrological data collection.
Formsheet 4.7: Daily rainfall abstraction.
Formsheet 4.8: Peak water level abstraction.
Formsheet 4.9: Station inspection

Success stories of watershed management in India

Short description: Describes success stories of government programmes in India.
Benefits: To be used to make decision-makers and politicians understand the issues at hand.
Target group: Senior decision-makers and politicians.
Materials available:
Book 5.1: Watersheds at Work. Success Stories of Watershed Programmes in India, book, 220 pages english and hindi, color, hardcover, many photographs, costs: 15.00 Euro (Rs 500/-).

Self-Help Promotion in Rural areas

Short description: Flipcharts which will allow village motivator to initaite a discussion on self help promotion with practical instructions on how to do it. The material
also contains leading questions.
Benefits: Allows a fast interaction with villagers on self help promotion.
Target group: Village motivators.
Experiences: 5 years in rural areas.
Materials available:
Flipchart 6.1: Together we are strong - Self help promotion in watershed management. Flipcharts, hardcover, color, 25 pages, english and hindi, with illustrations published by IGBP, costs: 3.00 euro (Rs 100/-).

Initiation of Village Discussion on Natural Resources Management

Short description: Flipcharts which will allow village motivator to initiate a discussion on natural resources management, using a story of one successful village and of one unsuccessful village. The material also contains leading questions.
Benefits: Allows a fast interaction with villagers on natural resources management.
Target group: Village motivators.
Experiences: 5 years in rural areas.
Materials available:
Flipchart 8.1:A tale of two villages: Shantipur and Nishapur.flipcharts, 30 pages, color, hardcover  illustrations, costs: 3.00 euro (Rs 100/-).

Awareness Raising Material on Natural Resources Management in India

Brochure 9.1: Project Description, 6 pages, color, free of costs.
      Brochure 9.2: Impact Assessment of Watershed Management in Jharkhand.6 pages, color, many tables and charts, free of costs.
    Brochure 9.3: Representative Watershed Burhanpura, 12 pages, color, free of costs.
    Item 9.4: Screensaver and mouse pad with photos of our experiences, costs: 3.00 Euro (Rs 100/-).
    Item 9.5: Ludo game with watershed background, with box (currently out of stock).
Video 9.6 : A Light in the Dark, film to create awareness on natural resources management using a storyline with many songs.Hindi, 15 minutes, VHS-PAL, Costs 5.0 Euro (Rs 200/-).





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